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Welcome To Coastal Hotties

This community welcomes people that live in the states on the east and west coasts. Check out the main page for the states that apply.



Beach lovers members..
fill out an app whenever i get them up
and then your auto accepted



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Important Links

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1.Never argue with the Mod or Co Mods, Our descion is final
2.Dont fight with stamped memebers
3.In your application put "Im a coastal hottie" in the lj cut and the subject line so we know you read the rules
4.No discrimination
5.Make all entries under friends only
6.Do not post untill your accepted
7.If you are rejected you can re-apply after 4 days.
8. You have to be at least 13 (rules of Livejournal)
9.Vote,Promote,Stay Active
10. Have fun :)



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getting everything situated.

Special Occasion Icons

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To see all the applicants go here

Special Occasion Icons

Point system

*5 Promotions- 10
*Being apart of a contest- 10
*Regular Post- 15 points
*Picture Post- 20 points
*Theme- 30
*Getting someone to Join- 35
*Making banners/Stamps/Icons- 40
*Scavenger Hunt- 50
*Contest Winner- 70
*Being most active- 100

250 points- auto accept
350 points- auto reject
600 points- 2nd auto accept
800 points- 2nd auto reject

At the end of the month the person with the most points will be member of the month

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December Deadline Approaches [ Friday
December 2006 @ 3:21pm

[ mood | accomplished ]

After December 30th, Subscriptions will no longer include our premiere issue nor the Plank Owner's ID Card and Certificate! Of course the new subscriptions at the first of the Year will get the same booty as all subscribers do, (there's free stuff with every issue for subscribers), but the Plank Owner's stuff will no longer be available.
Read more...Collapse )

soak up the sun

Hey ye hotties [ Friday
December 2006 @ 10:57pm

[ mood | über-excited ]

1) December 31 is the cut off for subscriptions which include the "plank owner" certificates and I.D. cards for the magazine. . . at that point they ALL go into the fire pit. There will be NO MORE of them!

2) December 20th is the cut off for the special ad price for the winter issue which will be the first issue to hit barnes and nobel, borders, etc. . . the magazine for that issue will be 32 pages more without a change in cover price. . but will be the last to have the original cover price! (GO FOR IT. . . get your AD in now!)

3) There are so many new and improved items in The Pyrates Way, we can't list them all! Editorial, Art, Photography, Fiction, Comics, Crossword, Ads, Classifieds, Opinions, History, Information, Education, Stories, and even a special "find all the "FSM" prizes of three vials of REAL gold to the top three subscribers who can spot all the FSM background images in this issue! Don't know what FSM'ism is? Then subscribe NOW!

So there you go m'mates. . . all that and more POTC info to boot. . . .the folks who buy our second, expanded-yet-at-the-same-price issue are in for a HUGE treat!. . .and all you subscribers will get some MORE free booty in the next issue!

We plan to have it into your hands by mid-February and it will be on "the streets" probably a week after th

at (it's in Ingram's hands). . . we can't wait. . . you pirates will be über-impressed!

Steve "Sir Black Fox" Kimball
Publisher, The Pyrates Way

[ Saturday
June 2006 @ 9:00pm

im a costal hottie – Shorter App Collapse )
soak up the sun

Auto-accept from beach_lovers_ [ Wednesday
March 2006 @ 9:50pm

I am a coastal hottie AND from <lj comm=Collapse )
(1) beach bums want to soak up the sun

[ Wednesday
March 2006 @ 4:25pm

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(2) beach bums want to soak up the sun

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