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Name: Hayley
Age: 16
Birthday: Oct 26
Location: Maryland
Sexuality: Straight
Status(pic if taken): taken
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Bands: Three 6 Mafia, Bone Thugs
Singers: Eminem, 50 Cent, Natalie
Movies: A walk to remember, mean girls, the skulls, National Treasure, A Cinderella Story, Remember the Titans, 15 and pregnant, White Chicks
Beache(s): Ocean City, Miami Beach, Nags Head, Mrytle Beach
Books: point blank
Actres/Actor: Nicholas Cage, Bradd Pitt, Jennifer Aniston
Person: Andy, my boyfriend...


Love: its the greatest feeling in the world, where would anyone be if they didnt have love. Love is like eating your favorite food, or doing your favorite thing, and being suprised by it. Its just a great feeling. I think that there is that one special person out their for you and everyone else that you are with is just preparing you to meet that special person so that things can be perfect between you and your special one.
Abortion: Im very much against abortion. I think its just wrong. Half the people wouldnt be here today if their mothers got an abortion. I know I wouldnt. I think that it is selfish to a certain extent, i think that if your doing it because you have dreams and you dont want a child around or if your doing it just because you dont want to be strapped down everyday, then your being selfish. You shouldnt have sex, if you dont want to take the resposibilities of what comes out of it. I have taken my responsibilities of having sex, and my consequences, considering i am going to be a teen mother.
Drinking: It is ok for like special occasions, or just to go out and have some fun as long as you can controll yourself, and not become an alcoholic. If your drinking out just to have fun every night then i think its wrong, because your depending on alcohol to get by, but its killing you.
President Bush: I really dont have an opinion on Bush...Some of the things he does are right, and some are wrong. So i dont know what to say about him.

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